Eagle Mountain, Utah

40° 23.40' N | 111° 59.08' W | 5140 feet | Show on map

Yearly Weather Summary

04/15/2021 05:15:00 PM

Calendar Year

High Temperature79.2°F04/04/2021 05:03:11 PM
Low Temperature15.9°F01/11/2021 07:00:03 AM
High Heat Index77.3°F04/04/2021 05:03:11 PM
Low Wind Chill4.6°F01/12/2021 06:17:11 AM
High Dewpoint39.4°F02/12/2021 11:45:27 AM
Low Dewpoint-0.5°F02/08/2021 01:35:45 PM
High Humidity95%01/04/2021 04:39:11 AM
Low Humidity8%04/04/2021 05:39:27 PM
High Barometer30.692 inHg01/15/2021 09:37:56 AM
Low Barometer29.415 inHg04/05/2021 05:25:59 PM
High Wind Speed57 mph03/29/2021 12:45:00 PM
Average Wind5 mph
RMS Wind7 mph
Vector Average Speed2 mph
Vector Average Direction353°

Rain Year (1-Jan start)

Rain Year Total1.87 in
High Rain Rate0.22 in/h03/16/2021 12:06:06 AM

Yearly Statistics and Plots

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